23rd June 2169

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By Gajender Sharma

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 222

The book is a science fiction genre and introduces how society will look like in year 2130-2169 from the point of view of human, robots and holohumans being part of the same eco-system and within that context the main character Ztocmi , who is leading scientist on earth has a mission to create an artificial earth looking like planet called as Earth Resort in the book. Ztocmi together with 3000 scientists from Earth, Mars and Moon would like to put the Earth Resort into orbit between Sun and Mars with the help of 1000 satellites and memory metals. In his mission he seeks support from leading scientist from Moon SuperMo and leading scientist SuperMa from Mars. Also 2nd leading character is Zoi who is the most dynamic women on earth in year 2159 supporting Ztocmi to fulfill the mission.

The whole mission has taken 20 years and during this time Ztocmi, Zoi has faced some serious issues and they have solved it with other scientists and finally the month of June 2169 has arrived when the earth resort should be placed in the orbit. Will Ztocmi, Zoi and his support scientists will be able to place Earth Resort successfully?

About the Author

Gajender Sharma, an Indian by birth, lived in India until he turned 24, engineer and MBA by education and has spent 14 years in Japan, in multiple roles and always fascinated by future technologies on earth and beyond. He is active in predicting future technology trends and good at connecting the mathematical numbers with the actual events in present and future.