55 Reflections of a Searching Skeptic

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By Rich Melcher

About the Book

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Poetry, humor, illustrations, a personal examination of mental challenges along with a deep grasp of spiritual matters infuse this big, readable work by Rich Melcher. Comprising 55 reflections and two “postscripts,” Melcher’s collection is an enjoyable, random ramble through events of his life, showing how major issues such as bipolar disorder and Biblical truths have influenced him, along with significant encounters with people along the way. Reflection 20 introduces Melcher’s RROCKSS Code, a strategy for channeling energies and conducting one’s life more positively: Respect, Responsibility, Observation, Cooperation, Knowledge, Safety, and Service make up the Code, explained in detail with cogent examples from the author’s experience.

About the Author

Melcher has bipolar disorder, which has influenced many of his actions and choices, including his choice of a profession. He has worked as a teacher among students with special needs, and offers a lively description of some of the pitfalls of being a substitute or assistant teacher in a poem aptly titled “The Tiger Without Any Teeth.” Another especially moving poem is “Butterfly Blind Spot,” in which he observes that butterflies never see their wings – “velvet Picasso banners” – identifying only by what they can do, not what they are or the marvelous effect they might have on others. He urges the reader to tell others of their hidden beauties. Such poems are not only brilliant in metaphor but touching in their rich use of language. Melcher has given himself the pen name “Corsair,” denoting the World War II fighter plane as an image of uplift and freedom. The subject matter of his reflections is headspinning in its range. He expresses his happiness at finding that Saint John, so often touted for the verse 3:16 which seems exclusive in its message, also spoke of “other sheep” – an inspiringly inclusive message. Melcher’s writing gifts are fully developed here in this varied, thought-provoking collection, and his readers will hope for more to come.