7 Is Enough

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By Allen Webb

About the Book

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I wrote this book for two main reasons. First reason is I woke up every day with these stories on my mind. I knew for some reason I needed to write them down.

The second reason is for future women. Quite honestly I get tired of telling these stories to strangers because most think there is no way this could happen to one person. I can assure you that all stories contained in this book are true and happened to me. If I am interested in a lady again and she is getting interested in me I will just let her read this book. If she is still interested in me then I hope the next chapter is a long one. And full of only good stories.

This is my first book. I did not write this book to make money but that would be a pleasant surprise if it did. English was always my worst subject in school and college.

About the Author

Thus book covers my earlier years, prior to my first marriage at age 17 in 1972. I started my senior year in college, married with no children. Let us go back to my childhood. I was 5 months old in Missouri. I have an older sister, she was about 2 then.

My parents both diseased now, as well as both of their parents. All from Louisville, Kentucky. My parents simply wanted to be closer to Louisville, KY. So when my Dad saw a job ad for middle Tennessee at the Arnold Engineering Development Center he applied and we moved.

My Dad was an Eagle Scout as well as a Scout Master. He was my idle I guess. I became a Cub Scout and later a Boy Scout. I reached a level of Life, one more merit badge and I could have become an Eagle Scout. I lost interest in scouting and later quit. So I got as far as Life Scout.

In Junior High School (grades7 through 9) I joined the band and played the trumpet. I was in Marching and Concert band. In High School (grades 10 through 12) I stayed in Marching Band and Concert Band and added Stage Band. It all was fun to me.