7 Mysteries of Life Unfolded for Awakening

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By Jeremy Ju Huang

About the Book

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“It has been such a pleasure to read about your experience through the lens of Qabalah. The way you approached this project was very unique and creative, which seems to reflect the experience you have had in this life as well! I think you did very well representing the steps one could take in their own life, to connect deeper with Source and their most truthful inner being through this mystical system.”
Casey B., UMS Advisor, University of Metaphysical Sciences.

“You do an excellent job of presenting the philosophy of “no mind” and considering its potentials. Your citations are well dispersed and help to support your meaning. Throughout the paper, your authenticity shined through.”
Elizabeth E., UMS Advisor, University of Metaphysical Sciences.

Are you truly awakened or asleep? This book guides you understand “awakening,” through the 7 mystical processes so you may get ready to experience the alchemy of transmutation and transformation using the Tree of Life; setting you free from duality pain, misery, and suffering. You can begin a nondual living of loving peace, joy, and happiness.

About the Author

Ju is blessed to receive the Divine Light that guides him unfold life mysteries to experience direct journey of awakening including spiritual phenomena, transform major aspect of his life from duality to non-dualilty. He holds a Master and a Doctorate of Divinity from the University of Metaphysical Sciences, California, U.S.A.