8,000 Years

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By Paul A. Dougal

About the Book

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In review, this book is simplifying the time line in relation to these ancient writings?namely, the book of Enoch the Prophet, the book of the Secrets of Enoch, and the first and second books of Adam and Eve, which refers to the God of the Bible as the Lord of Spirits, and the Word, who is Jesus, the anointed Son of God, and of past events such as the war in heaven, Satan?s evil agenda, God?s mighty acts, and the planned purpose of the destiny for man, even though they offer additional views that aren?t considered favorable in some church circles today. I believe that the information in the noncanonical books mentioned has a cause and an effect that give us an eye-opening experience to some things specific and other things in general. Some of these noncanonical books mentioned point to exclusive and yet pertinent information that offers strong?and perhaps correct?views that are much different from today?s theology, rendering a new historical view to the student of hermeneutics and theological background and allowing the Christian to see the Bible in a greater light of understanding, which some may find objectionable and others exceptional.

About the Author

Paul Dougal was born in Cuyahoga County near Cleveland Ohio in the 1950s. , in the mid 60s after a Supernatural burning desire to know  God struck him to ask his dad is there a God ? He accepted Jesus Christ as his savior  ,after hearing his Dad answer him that there is a God later on he would go on to serve as a youth deacon in the COGIC while fellowshipping and experiencing different forms of worship with the Apostolic,Foursquare  ,Full Gospel businessmen's, Catholics , Lutherans ,etc later on in the early 80s he would move his membership to the Church of God and there receive his formal training as an associate pastor from Lee University/MIP .,9 to 10 years later God would grant him another opportunity for his ministry to move onto TCCM as a liaison via his Mentor Bro.J.C.Warren from Great Britain and  Dr. T.Eugeno from America .,he is currently working as Senior Pastor & founder on  evangelist of Temple God Church &  ministries.