A Baseball Career That Ended In . . . A Split Second

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By Jerry Guibor

About the Book

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Jim Aldredge was a phenomenal baseball player and signed a professional contract at age 17. In his second season, he was hit in the left eye by a thrown ball. He eventually lost sight in the eye, but he attempted two comebacks and was playing very well -- better than most players with two good eyes. But the politics of baseball and racism made him realize it was time to return to Fresno and get an education. He already had enrolled at Fresno City College and was graduated with an Associate of Arts degree. He continued at Fresno State where he received bachelor’s and master's degrees while working full time for the City of Fresno. He earned a Ph.D. from Golden Gate University and also studied at Oxford. At nights, he taught at Fresno City College, the University of San Francisco and eventually became a full professor at Fresno State -- all the while he was working full time as an assistant city manager. He was made interim city manager a few times when mayors and administrations would change, but an outsider always got the job. Then, at last, the city came to realize they had the right man all along. He left the city when changes were on the horizon and taught at Fresno State until he retired in 2008. He was named a professor emeritus. He then created a foundation to help aspiring students and athletes, and sports programs.

About the Author

Jerry Guibor is a retired sportswriter and editor who has written three previous books: A Candle Burned, From Nyet to Da and The Original Edison Field. He also has edited and designed They Put Me in Charge . . . And Told Me I Didn’t Have a Clue, a personal and business perspective by Leif Bilen, and is editing two forthcoming manuscripts, a memoir by career missionary Rob Farnsley (the title is “When a Christian Has Same-Sex Attraction/My View From the Deck”) and Pledging Allegiance, another memoir by Leif Bilen. Each of these works is based in the Christian faith. Jerry has worked as a volunteer missionary with three different mission agencies in Russia and Ukraine for 21 years. He lived in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, in 1994-95, again in 2003, and in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2004-05. He has worked with Christian public school teachers in Ukraine each year since 2006 and continues to visit many of them twice a year. He lives in Fresno, California.