An Angel Among Us

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By Alan Burton Suess

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 48

A spiritual awakening after a divine cataclysmic event over 25 years ago, which led to the self-realization of oneself based on Biblical scripture of someone who came to the understanding of one's own destiny concerning the Lord Jesus Christ.

About the Author

Born in New York, NY but grew up in the town of Tenafly, a suburb in Bergen County, NJ. Spent my formative years as a like to call them in South Florida, mainly Miami Beach. I was a professional tennis instructor for many years. I am an avid skier and has a new, found love of horseback riding. I love to cook and have an interest in exotic sports cars. Going to the beach is a must. Proud parishioner of Calvary Church, Ft. Lauderdale.