AND GOD WHISPERED… A Message for Our Time

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By Ernie Pappa

About the Book

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God speaks directly to the reader in this presentation of ‘And God Whispered…’Easy to read and written for the heart and intuition rather than the intellect, ‘And God Whispered…’ is destined to become a spiritual mainstay for those sincerely interested in deepening their spiritual awareness.
In ‘And God Whispered…’, God opens the eyes and heart of the reader to the reality of ‘Oneness’ or the One consciousness of the Universe that is available to anyone who opens their awareness to its reality. The reader is empowered by the truths presented that enable anyone to enter the holy of holies without the need for a priest, guru or other intermediary. God calls each of us directly to become One with Him/Her.
Whispers is about coming home to our real nature which is One with God and One with ‘All that is’. Mostly it’s about awakening.
At the end of each chapter brings the reader is brought into spiritual focus in the ‘For Pondering’ commentary.
The ‘Meditation’ section that follows makes the book truly interactive and gives the reader the tools to enter into ‘Oneness’ and experience their own ‘Whispers’. These meditations include visualizations, breathing techniques, mantras and even ‘eye open meditations’ that can be done while functioning during the day.
The ‘Affirmations’ that follow the Meditation section assist the reader in focusing their attitudes and thoughts in a way that will bring about profound positive changes in their lives.
“And God Whispered…” is a book that was more ‘received’ than written. That is, it came from within; from the Universal Source of all Truth. It has been given to the world as a reminder of the Oneness of all existence, to help teach and guide humans at this time of transition to a higher vibration on the planet. It is designed to ponder and contemplate the reality of All That Is, to assist in the spiritual unfoldment of humanity.
The book is presented in a free-flowing style to minimize critical analysis and appeal to the reader’s inner perception.

About the Author

Ernie Pappa is a spiritual explorer who has spent nearly fifty years delving into many spiritual paths that have come to the planet in the current and previous century to prepare humanity for a major shift in consciousness on earth. He has led chanting and conducted meditation groups for more than twenty five years and offers a broad perspective on spirituality that has helped many aspirants to focus their internal work on consciousness.