Assassin’s Curse

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By Dafydd While

About the Book

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Softcover 5x8 240

Love and justice are meaningless in a world where power is power and villains hand out paychecks to subvert good. The only guardians toil for the coin, regardless of how clean the hands. Where power rules, looking too deep for answers might not only cost lives but your dearest too.

About the Author

Dafydd While was born in 1988. Ever since he graduated from university he has been looking for a job. Between then and now, as well as living at home, he was carer to his elderly parent, and did a good job. Sadly, in 2018 all that ended so he’s found he has time on his hands. Hopefully some of this time can be used to write. Dafydd While lives in Ruthin, with his dad. He enjoys sci fi and has an active imagination