Briefly Biblical

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By Deacon Jerry Shilling

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 124

This opus is a commentary on the book of Genesis, King James Version of the Holy Bible.

While the entire manuscript may be read in just several hours, it is hoped that significantly more time will be spent perusing its pages. It's guaranteed doing so will be time well spent.

Not only does this work contain material suitable for the neophyte religious reader, but it also has a wealth of information for the most serious Bible scholar and student as well.

It is hoped that prior to reading this book, a moment or two of prayer will be uttered asking Almighty God to allow you to glean some of the knowledge, truth, and wisdom found in the hallowed pages of the Holy Writ.

About the Author

The author, oldest of four siblings, and product of a broken home, received his early religious education through his mother's sacrifice. Both parents taught him what they knew, and he is grateful to both.
The author had struggles with alcoholism, drug abuse and gambling through the years. In 1999 a gracious, merciful God sent a man into the author's life who told him the truth about salvation's requirements and God's identity. The self-destructive behaviors ceased, and the author is now an ordained deacon and active in a true holiness church.