. . . But I Promised God

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By Malamateniah Koutsada

About the Book

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The purpose of this book is to tell others to follow their dreams. There is nothing one can’t achieve if one sets one’s mind to achieving and if one is focused and works hard toward it. The universe is waiting for us to ask so that it can give to us. “Ask and it shall be given you,” said the wisest sage that has ever lived (Matthew 7:7, NIV).

As parents, we all make mistakes and unwittingly hurt our children, alienating them from us. I can say with confidence that it does not have to remain so.

About the Author

This is the story of an impoverished Greek girl, told with courage and brutal honesty. She experienced domestic violence and civil war. She lived as a refugee in a church compound, where she witnessed first-hand cruelty, injustice, and childhood adversity.
Motivated by childhood desire and need, she immigrated to Australia alone at twenty-one with little money and even less mastery English.
She worked hard and studied diligently. At thirty-two, married and with two children, she obtained her year twelve school certificate.
Working as a clerk with the Aeronautics Facility while living in Papua New Guinea made her determined to fulfil her ambition to become a nurse. Upon returning to Australia with her two children, she became a general nurse, a midwife, and later a psychiatric nurse, the area where she worked most of her life. Her changing vicissitudes forced to re-enter the work force at age sixty-four when others were retiring. She worked hard and faced many obstacles, the most daunting ones being uncertainty and self-doubt. But with faith in God and determination, she went forward, becoming successful in real estate. Like most people, she has many regrets, especially regarding bringing up her children, but she also has moments of happiness and joy. She considers herself blessed. Her dream now is to be a blessing to as many people as she can possibly be.