Comes the Colorful

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By Diana Long Matthiesen

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x11 64

Diana Long Matthiesen has always been fascinated with the mysteries surrounding the universe and the sea. In a collection of colorful abstract art, she intertwines emotional spontaneity with intensely vivid hues to create shapes and forms that invariably culminate in mysteriously veiled visions of life, the ocean, and the universe. By sharing her perspective into the reciprocity of the interrelationships between marine origins and our infinite future, Matthiesen reflects a beautiful message of self and time. Comes the Colorful shares abstract art from a native Floridian who creatively transfers her fascination with the ocean and universe into exquisite pieces that invite all of us to see the beauty in the world.

About the Author

Diana Long Matthiesen is a native Floridian who nurtures a lifelong fascination with the ocean and universe. For many years, she was active in the visual arts community where she sold over fifty paintings. She currently resides in Fort Pierce, Florida.