Country Cop

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By S.B Alicea

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 188

Country Cop is the story of Gaven, who finishes his tour of duty in the army and moves to the randomly selected town of Cove, Iowa, with two friends. After he gets settled and finds work in law enforcement, Gaven finds himself on the trail of an arsonist and possibly a murderer. The novel follows his exploits as he tries to solve the mystery of the Betty Boop Bandit.

About the Author

I am of Puerto Rican and Indonesian decent that was raised in Southern California. In the army I worked as a Calvary Scout deployed in eastern Europe, northern Africa and worked with border patrol along the Arizona-Mexico border. The last fifteen years I worked as a municipal law enforcement officer in a city that made Forbes top ten dangerous cities three times during my employment. This is the first of many adventures that I have in store for this great journey that we as readers are going to share together.