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By Julia S. Dane

About the Book

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The author identifies aspects of her belief system as depicted through the life of the main character of this story, Rebekah. Julia has no doubt that all people have value and the ability to contribute in some form to the betterment of the human condition. People bring this reality to life in varying degrees, depending not only on their choices but on the choices made by the influencers in our lives. The experiences discussed in this book demonstrate how people can continue to repeat patterns when left to their own accord rather than choosing to rely on God and the wisdom imparted through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The experiences shared from Rebekah’s life brings evidence of what can happen when people rely on their own merit and efforts, void of godly wisdom. We as human beings will continue to fail in one way or another to do right if left to our own design. We all could use some guidance and can benefit from that shared by others, yet Rebekah’s life experiences provide clear evidence that not all advice is God-breathed.

The author exemplifies through Rebekah’s colorful life experiences that it is never too late in life to even have a faith like a mustard seed to start trusting in the basic instructions of life that are found in the pages of the Holy Bible. As long as we have breath in us, Julia believes it is never too late to make new choices that can change the course of one’s life. Each day we all have new choices to make, new words to speak, and new actions to take. What will yours be?

About the Author

Julia has been an aspiring author for most of her life. She began writing poetry, music lyrics, and short stories in her youth. Her life experiences have given her a wealth of material in terms of connecting to the human psyche, understanding the human condition, and how people relate to one another, and the role faith in God influences our lives. She has not lived a life of glamour or privilege, nor has she had firsthand knowledge of a life of extreme poverty, yet she has seen enough of both worlds to recognize that either extreme could lead to a bittersweet existence. Her greatest desire is for people to learn through this story that the best way to effect positive change in their own lives and the lives of others is through authenticity and in community with the one true God.