Dealing with Pigs!

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By Dr Ivan Molloy

About the Book

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This novel was self-published through Xlibris in 2019 and since then has been extensively marketed through several avenues and platforms headlined by book exhibitions and major book fairs around the world such as The Book Expo America (New York), Beijing, and Guadalajara Book Fairs and London next year (due to 2020 cancellation because of the virus). It has also been featured in Press Releases and my website ( . Moreover it has been favourably reviewed by The Clarion Review and The Kirkus Review. However, I am approaching you now as I am seeking a more traditional publisher.

Simply put, this novel is a somewhat comical satire of the politics and history of our world and is suitable for all ages. The main character Hunkle Trotter (a pig), lives in Mudwallow in a far off pig world. War soon rages between the pigs of Mudwallow and Hamcorner, as the elite among the Wallowites, known as snouters, seek to expand their power and fortunes through military means. As the snouters’ mercenary soldiers, the boars, and the Holy Pomponer, the head of the Wallowites’ faith, hoard food and wealth during this time, it is the weary, working-class trotters who go without. While the fight bogs down due to self-serving double-crosses and incompetent leaders, Hunkle finds himself in the role of an unlikely revolutionary.

Meanwhile Hunkle's Cousin Crumpet has produced a series of writings on 'pigolitics' and 'pigolosophy' that demand equality and a rejection of snouter rule. Along with the vengeful rebel Snooper and Hunkle’s son, Whiskers, Crumpet establishes the snotters, a group that rejects the strict class structure and the worship of the Pomponer’s “Great One,” a deity that supposedly blesses pigkind from the Black Mountain volcano. Unrest grows, and the snotters are able to gain advantages over the ruling upper classes through utilizing the prized badapple, a tree with explosive properties and technological possibilities, as well by taking advantage of the lies of the religious caste, by proving that the Great One is no god.

Somewhat a cross between the Game of Thrones and Animal Farm, Dealing With Pigs, is filled with scheming bad pigs and harrowing battles. Ultimately the revolution is successful only to fall prey itself to dictatorship, new revolts and quests to find a better way. In what is Book One, there are parallels with our human contemporary global politics and history except for major twists and turns leading to Book Two (currently being written).

About the Author

Dr Ivan Molloy is a political scientist, freelance journalist and photographer, writer of fiction, non-fiction and an artist. Over the years, he has been very active politically achieving significant national and international notoriety with his research, political campaigns and speaking out on many issues such as Terrorism, US Foreign Policy, Human Rights, the Environment, Australian Nationalism and Politics in general (see his website: www: