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About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 282

Helene Fischer is a professional killer who arrives in West Cumbria with instructions to shoot dead 12 people. She has two specific targets, the other ten are chosen at random. Accompanying Helene is Nasseem Ahmed, a computer hacker who is peculiarly averse to the sight of blood.

The final shooting takes place at a kart circuit near Rowrah is clearly an example of world class marksmanship. Such precision convinces police that they are dealing with professionals. Henceforth, it all turns into a car-crash in more ways than one as investigations spread out to three different countries.

Who has organised the hits? Could it be the high flying financier Sir Robin Coleridge-Smythe, or perhaps Jose Luis Gonzaleze, an American racing car boss? Both have strong links to one of the victims. TV Presenter Fiona Dunne asks some searching questions that eventually lead to a libel trial in the Royal Courts of Justice. However, it is Detective Sergeant Lisa Robb who finally arrives at the answer and her conclusions will shock many readers.