Dying for a Drink

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By Amelia Baker

About the Book

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Dying for a Drink is a true story of the chaos and hurt caused by an alcoholic. The author, telling her own story, writes of time spent in multiple rehabs, both in the United Kingdom and Sydney, Australia. She writes in the hope that her story will encourage other alcoholics and addicts (which can be anybody addicted to anything)—that they will see in their own stories the similarities rather than the differences. The memoir depicts her rapid decline after she crossed the ‘invisible line’ and shows how her loved ones were devastated by her behaviour—and how they lived in fear that this disease would lead to her death. It chronicles, too, her sense of freedom and surrender and hope amid the sobriety from which she is sharing her journey and the beginnings of relationships repaired, with both loved ones and self.

About the Author

I am a 52 year old lady suffering from a chronic , progressive and often fatal disease . I've battled Alcoholism for over 10 years , been medically detoxed in hospital 4 times since moving from Australia to a small village just outside Swansea , South Wales , UK . Alcohol has torn my family apart and I was finally bought to my knees at the end of last year after doing three 28 day rehabs . I had to surrender and am now free of Alcohol and drugs . I've been married twice , my 1st Husband was my soul mate , we have 2 beautiful kids - a son 23 and daughter 20 . I lived in Australia for over 20 years , was a stay at home mum as my husband turned out to be Gay . On the rebound I married a man in AA which went horribly wrong , he picked up drink and drugs shortly after we were married and abused me mentally , physically and sexually . I moved back to the UK 20 months ago as both my kids are studying in Edinburgh .
I decided to write this book in the hope it would give other Alcoholics / Addicts hope . I wish to remain anonymous as I've bared my soul and put all the ' horrors ' of my drinking in it .