Ephemeral Awaking

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By Luana Stebule

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x11 156

I have long been familiar with Luana Stebule's visual work, her paintings. But I did not know she wrote poetry until she asked me to read and edit this volume. I found it quite astonishing how, in many ways, she manages to translate the same sensibilities and influences found in her paintings into her written work. Though these poems, of course, stand alone on their own merit, they can also be read as extensions of her paintings. It is with great pleasure that I am able to say I helped this work see publication and get into your, the reader's, hands.

American writer and professor of English language Robert Masterson.

About the Author

I am an artist and poet. From 2013 I have been living in the UK. Was born I in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1962. In A.Martinaitis Art School and Academy of Art I received instructions on the art techniques, styles and finer points. However, I think amongst the most important things; creativity and deepest understanding come from infinity, God and whispers of immortality.

For many years my art specifically included stages projects, together with 22 solos and 34 shared exhibitions around Europe, England and the US.

Also, I have written 3 poetry books in Lithuanian language. My poems translated into Italian, Spanish, Turkish, English, Hindi languages.

This year by the International Art Market Magazine I was selected to be on the Gold List as a Top Artist of Today.