Fairies Sorcery and the Greek Gods

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By Donald R. Richter

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 522

The book is about how God himself gave an old man named Jack the power to wage a war against a race of fairies and guardians that are taking over the world. Merlin is alive and is teaching him magic from a book they got from Medusa after she was put down. Zeus is sent to take care of Jack and switches sides; he never liked the council of Gods. They rescue Venus, Zeus’s true love, from a painting she is imprisoned in. Poseidon comes into the picture, getting his trident back, and comes to find out that his true love was taken from him and was Calypso.

About the Author

I am a factory worker that is trying his hand at writing, have worked 28 years making fire extinguishers, I wake early in the morning and on the weekend I write to keep quiet and let the wife sleep. I have three daughters a wife, I always thought there is another way of looking at things. This is the fourth book I have published. I fish and hunt and vacation, living in a small town north of Green Bay Wisconsin. I hope you enjoy the story.