Female Genital Mutilations

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By Getu Tadesse Mindaye Dr

About the Book

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Female Genital Mutilation ( FGM) is a procedure that involves partial or total removal of Female External Genitalia. It is considered a violation of women's sexual rights and currently is happening mostly in East, West and North Africa, as well as the Middle East.

"The story of Kedra, who is a victim of the most dangerous kind of FGM which is called "infibulation", will tell us what is happening to a million little girls in those countries. This book will show in great detail the short and long term effects of FGM and life as it is down the road for the millions in countries where this procedure is being performed.

About the Author

DR GETU TADESSE graduated in medicine at medical faculty #1 in Santiago de Cuba in 1991. He went back to his own country of Ethiopia and started working as a physician heading the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Department in region 6. He worked with both UNICEF and WHO to eradicate Guinea Worm, and polio. He also oversaw the expansion of Ethiopian Public Immunization ( EPI) coverage in the region, as well as doing work in the prevention of upper respiratory infections and diarrheal diseases. After witnessing the aftermath of genital mutilation being performed on little girls in the Somali region of Ethiopia, he joined a non profit organization working against FGM. With Esperanza Sin Fronteras in Spain, he gave several health education presentations about and against FGM to local people in order to create better awareness of the practice and requested the Ethiopian government to criminalize FGM.

Dr. Tadesse is living currently in Aurora Colorado, USA.