Finding Your (Lost) Joy

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By Laurel Khiabani

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x8.5 36

This self-help workbook contains quotes of things that bring me joy. There is ample space on each page for you, the reader, to include what brings joy to you. The workbook is a tool for you, if you suffer with sadness, grief, anxiety and depression (or any combination of these). I intend to inspire you to write down what brings joy to you, so that you may read this later to boost your mood when you truly need it.
This book is available in paperback, hard cover, and also eBook.
Even if you should find the quotes not especially wonderful or profound, I believe the beautiful photos included (taken by my awesome deceased husband, Amir) are so striking, that looking at them will surely elevate your state of mind.

About the Author

This is the 1st book written by Laurel Khiabani. She works for a pharmaceutical company where she resides in northern California.
Laurel was devastated over the recent loss of her husband, Amir, after 30+ years of a happy marriage. She volunteered to man a local Crisis hotline. During the training one of the speakers who suffered from acute and chronic depression described how she thinks of things to cheer herself up when her mood is low. This inspired Laurel to journal what brings her joy, and she thought this may help others suffering from grief or depression to work through it.