Flowers When You’re Dead... and Italian food while you live!

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By Daniel Delfucho

About the Book

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Flowers When You’re Dead is a childhood memoir covering the first eighteen years of my life. Included are well-known, frequently prepared and much-loved Italian cuisine recipes from my female relatives. The memoir also takes an historical look at two topics currently in the news. The first is immigration. The second is ancestry. Daniel Delfucho renders a touching and revealing history of his family as viewed through these lenses. You will laugh and perhaps cry a little, too. Along the journey you can also learn to cook Italian and Italian-American dishes. Buon appetito!

About the Author

Daniel Delfucho is an Italian-American raised and educated on the East Coast of the United States. All four of his grandparents were born in the Nineteenth Century and emigrated to the U.S. from Italy. His mother was one of ten children and his father one of eight children. When his parents married, their families merged around holidays, relationships, celebrations, and food. As a toddler, Daniel contracted polio. That single dynamic changed the destiny of his immediate family and impacted his relatives. Polio skewed the trajectory of Daniel’s life, physically, mentally, and emotionally. His mother kept her child indoors, fearing injury. Daniel became devoted to old movies, television, books of every color and stripe, and the history of family recipes for Italian and Italian-American cuisine. Today he writes poems and prose, paints, sculpts and designs jewelry. He is a self-educated chef of Mediterranean cuisine. Daniel lives in his home and studio in the southwestern U.S. with his pets and companion of thirty-one years.