For Aged Men

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By Leon J. Alexander

About the Book

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Then came a time to build my shattered life. I had my legal work, of course, but that was not enough. I rafted for a week down Colorado River rapids. The scenes and feelings evoked there gave birth to river poems presented here. At that time too, I wanted back the home life I’d abandoned recklessly. The love poems written at that time reflect the hopes and fears and turmoil driving me. I also, in those years, wrote legal articles that most properly have since been long forgotten and ignored. I then remarried, and my inner fears and problems vanished for a while. I never wrote more poetry. The ones presented here were packed away and not looked at again. They now are resurrected as a tribute to those days of insecurity and fear.

About the Author

I was born the day that took place only six long years after the armistice that ended fighting in the first “great” war. My early memories are but faded snapshots, as when at six or so I first wore glasses and endured the secret laughter of all passer-bys. I still recall a radio address by John L. Lewis lauding FDR and many other isolated scenes. By the mid 30’s, past the age of 10 I first began to hear and understand the world around me. I knew of Spain and cheered the loyalists and sobbed myself to sleep when Franco won, though fighting the true government of Spain together with much help from Germany. (Years later, parenthetically, my oldest daughter opted school in Spain, attended Salamanca for a while and came home early when an aged Franco closed that “oldest university” to punish student rioting).
I started high school well before the days when “social adaptability” set the rules. Soon war clouds spread. “Peace in our time” was won by Chamberlain but not much later came the Russian pact and then the start of war dividing Poland. I remember when the draft was passed with just a one-vote margin in divided Congress, reflecting doubts and fears the nation shared. My older brother (and my only sib) enlisted upon graduating from Cornell. My interests then were all political. Roosevelt “hated war” in 1940. So did I. Doubts first arose in’41 after the fall of France and Germany’s assault on Russia. I finished high school in that year and started local college just to wait, since plans were futile and nothing seemed worth looking forward to. And then Pearl Harbor came and all was changed.