Forest Bathing: Living and Healing

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By Lisa Zschuschen

About the Book

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Nature is a surprise package that provides solitude and energy for living and healing. We all need our share of vitamin G, or green therapy, as often as we can. A walk in the forest can energize our spirits, minds, and bodies and improve our well-being by helping us to feel less stressed and happier. In a beautiful photo journal, photographer Patricia Ahearn and writer Lisa Zschuschen combine talents to introduce others to the world of forest bathing, a Japanese-based concept that promises its followers relaxation, whole-body health benefits, and a renewed sense of purpose, simply by walking in the woods. In their own words, Ahearn and Zschuschen explain what forest bathing has meant for them, their family, and their health and include commentary from residents, medical doctors, and wellness professionals. Ahearn’s photographs showcase local natural beauty and highlight nature in its most pristine form. Forest Bathing: Living and Healing, A Photo Journal invites others to experience the power of nature through a virtual walk in the woods guided by inspirational writings and captivating photographs.

About the Author

Lisa Zschuschen has been an enthusiastic writer for her entire life. Through the practice of forest bathing, she has learned to slow down, enjoy life, and reset priorities. Patricia Ahearn is a professional photographer and a registered nurse with a passion for combining the two for health, nature, well-being and enjoying life with family and friends.