From Pain to Fame

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By Ndala Mamadou

About the Book

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From Pain to Fame: A Congo Boy Story

The social unit formed by a family living together or a place one lives permanently especially as a member of a family or household according to both the Merriam-Webster and the Oxford Dictionary is something I have gotten a little taste of but never did experience to the fullest throughout my childhood as I never truly had a place for me to call home.

If you ask me what is home, my answer to you will be no other than this: Home is more than just a place, home is indeed a fortress the Zenith of all places to be, the only place in the world you can only have one of. A person who has more than one place to call home has none as a result. One can only have one home.

Whereas family, which is the basic unit of society, a group of individuals living under one roof usually under one head, united by certain convictions or certain affiliation according to the English dictionary, just like home, is a very sacred entity that I had been lucky enough to experience many times throughout my journey on earth. I have been a part of so many families without actually risking losing being a part of another, which led me to conclude that, unlike home, one can belong to more than one family without actually running the risk of losing any other as a result.

About the Author

Born Ndala Mamadou, in a city located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
A survivor of both physical and sexual abuse as a child
Awarded the silver medal for best performer for his role in the translated version of William Shakespeare?s Romeo and Juliet play at age 10
Lived on a street as a child for over 4 years
Became an impersonator of the country?s president at age 12
Declared ward of the state by presidential decree at age 13
Adopted by a family of Rwandese descent at age 14
Came to the U.S as a refugee in 2000
Voted unanimously as a student project director in 2001 by peers.
Received his High School Diploma in 2005
Founder of a nonprofit organization set up to help young immigrants and their families integrates and excel in the community.