Hoo Lee Jing (Fox Fairy)

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By Margaret Zee

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 380

Everybody in Peking knew that the former palace of Prince Kong was haunted by a hulijing. Irreverent Americans were actually pleased to share their home with a fox fairy, especially on learning that the mysterious animal could transform itself into a beautiful woman, who had been glimpsed sauntering in the gardens of the Red Chamber Court by moonlight or gliding between the columns of the covered walk.

About the Author

“Hoo Lee Jing” records the final days of Legendary Old Peking— the enchanted city which, during early years of the twentieth century, became home to adventuresome and romantic souls of many nationalities. After the dislocations of World War II, many “old China hands” returned to China with high hopes, only to realize that the Peking they loved was disintegrating, physically and spiritually, and in a few more years would be gone forever.