Human Beings and the Way of Life

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By C Altunok

About the Book

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Unfortunately, we witness human beings killing each other. A very upsetting and worrying situation, it is also strange that we do so yet claim to be the most supernatural creatures in this world. When we have things, we want more; when we do not have things, we complain because we do not have them. We do not usually know what we want because we are human beings. We know how valuable our loved ones are to us once they die because we are human beings. We believe in dreams more than we believe in our friends. We run away from each other when we have problems, but we smile and get together when we have no problems because we are human beings. We are more in love with money than with anything else because we are human beings. We always wait for help rather than proactively help others because we are human beings. This book tries to explain in simple terms how to be a good human being and become successful in life. This book is a tribute to the author’s friend, who passed away from leukemia.

About the Author

C. Altunok is a software developer, swimmer, basketball lover, and an enthusiastic traveller and explorer of new cultures. Originally from Turkey, he moved to the United Kingdom in 2000, where he has completed the rest of his studies. Early in his career, he actively took part raising funds for charities looking to find new ways to cure cancer. C. Altunok had a close friend during his university studies who died because of an illness. He decided to write this book to pay tribute to his friend.