Hunters of Hahl

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By Jack Henry Psaila

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 254

A hundred years ago, the Great Dahrk Village was destroyed by an enormous monster known as Preature. Since then, the survivors have been divided and broken down into various wandering tribal groups. Aldra, single father and lead hunter of the Hahls, has control over the tribe during their harshest period. Population count is down, there are fewer hunters every cycle, and his closest friends, the Elites, have all but perished. He must do what needs to be done for the survival of the tribe, but how far will he go to?

He meets with the Fury Pride and the Dahrk Clan to form alliances in hopes of finally killing the great beast Preature and reforming the once great village that was lost so long ago.

About the Author

Jack Henry Psaila is a young man from the outskirts of Melbourne Australia who has lived there all his life. With roots in dancing, singing and theatrical performance, Jack has spent most of his life on a stage. Most of all Jack's greatest love is in storytelling, having grown up watching too much television and going to the movies every other weekend and then acting out his own scenes with his own unique characters in the backyard during childhood. Later in life, he had a deep-rooted desire to see these characters come to life in whatever form he could, and after a brief writing course in university, having rediscovered a love for writing, his first novel 'Hunters of Hahl' was created, taking a year and a half to write, and going through many changes on the way there.