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By Pedram

About the Book

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I LOVE USA is about my life, and explains about my past seventy years history. This book shows about the living on IRAN during the three different periods, the best time of Shah's monarchy, the Islamic Revolution, and the hard life after Revolution. I LOVE USA is about how a genius man tried to use his knowledge to upgrade his country for the best condition possible, and why he moved to USA instead to choose another country. The extraordinary event of an Architect on a religious country makes me as a genius to an unbelievable man that's upsets of lives. On conclusion this is USA that gives me the opportunity to be someone special and makes me a new human generation in my life. This is the causes that I always say I LOVE USA.

About the Author

Pedram is an IRANIAN AMERICAN Architect born on IRAN TEHRAN. He studied primary school on mission laïque Français TEHRAN. He continued on Architecture in one of the Universities University in Iran and took his MA. He learned French language and Italics on his first country. He is from a big traditional family of IRAN. His life participates on three sections. Shah monarchy's period, being on Islamic Revolution and later, living in USA. He is married and has three children, all educated and live in different states.