Is God Incompetent?

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By Geoffrey E L Bennett

About the Book

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Is God to blame for natural disasters? Does He cause volcanic action, flooding, earthquakes, plague and genetic disease? Can He Prevent them? Why doesn’t He? Geoffrey E L Bennett uncovers deep Biblical insights linking them to twenty-first century cultural and scientific answers. Is God cruel or callous? Is He impotent or incompetent? How can I know if God even exists? Part one explores pain and shows how different cultural groups understand God to be vindictive and cruel, or else limited in power, or believe that suffering does not really exist. Part two examines Old Testament teaching on suffering, challenging the idea of ancient wisdom. Profound teaching is dissected from the minor and major prophets as well as the story of Job. Then the New Testament fulfillment of prophecy is examined, challenging perceived ideas, and finishes with an interpretation of the Apocalypse. The concluding solution to pain and suffering of God. Part three deals with scientific theories and twenty-first century concepts of the universe and the physical world, together with raw nature and biogenetic problems. What place does God have in our modern world? Do natural disasters “Acts of God” show a limited or incompetent Deity?

About the Author

Geoffrey E L Bennett is author of Why Does God Not Answer Prayer? Can a Christian be gay? And How Does God Guide? By Credo Research Publishing.
Geoffrey served in the Royal Army Medical Corps for three years, including a two- year period on active service in Malaya.
He graduated from the University of Regina, Canada, (with Great Distinction), where he studied English, Philosophy, Anthropology, and Geography.
In addition, he obtained the fellowship degree from the College of Preceptors, London; holds the University of London Certificate of Proficiency in Religious Knowledge; the University of London Teacher’s Certificate in History and Divinity (with Merit): and received the Biblical Studies Diploma (with Distinction) from All Nations Bible College.
Following early retirement as Head of Religious Studies at a UK grammar school, Geoffrey was accepted for the Baptist ministry. He served as Chaplain’s Assistant for six years, counselling, offering the sacraments, conducting regular hospital worship, and providing spiritual guidance for staff and patients at the William Harvey Hospital, Ashford, Kent.
Married with two sons, he has been is a popular speaker and ecumenical Bible Teacher and preacher in Methodist and Brethren Assemblies in Malaysia and Singapore; in Mennonite, Baptist and the United Churches of Canada; and in Baptist, Methodist, Brethren, Pentecostal, Anglican, and Free Churches in Britain.
Christine, Geoffrey’s wife, is in a Nursing Home with paralysis and vascular-dementia caused by two brain-tumours; while Geoffrey is Diabetic (on insulin) and has Heart Disease and Cancer.
He is currently an Associate Tutor at the University of Sussex, UK, with the “Carers and Service Users Network” in the Social Work department.