James Logan, Arizona Ranger

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By J. D. Logue

About the Book

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It's formed around the fictional character of James Logan Arizona Ranger. He was one of the twelve private's forming the Arizona Rangers in 1901. Facing outlaw's was n big thing for him. after five years in the rangers he was promoted to sergeant and put in charge of the Flagstaff Arizona Ranger Station. At the age of 27 he married Sara MacDonald and they had three children. He served up to the closing of the rangers in 1936 then become the County Sheriff for eight years. The Rangers were reestablished in 1944 however logan was too old to be in the field. The Rangers established an Academy and put Logan on salary as a captain and a instructor. You need to read the book to get the full picture.

About the Author

J. D. Logue was born on a farm outside of Caldwell, Kansas, during the Dust Bowl era. At age nineteen, he joined the US Navy and served twenty-two years that included the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Today, Logue resides in Patterson, California. This is his first book.