Japan’s Forgotten Folklore

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By Jeff Manning

About the Book

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“WA’ (和) is a Japanese word that describes, or encompasses, the “essence” of what it is to “be Japanese”. This spirit is intricately woven throughout these stories as fantastic creatures, fearsome monsters, animals that are all too human, and people that are, well, all too human too, make choices and fateful decisions that take each character on journeys that are terrifying and miraculous, whimsical and thought-provoking, mysterious, magical and uniquely Japanese. Come along and join them as life’s lessons are learned, or sometimes not. Where bravery, trickery, kindness, inspiration, triumphs and blunders all play their part. Where the wisdom of the ages, as told by those with experience, fills these pages with tales of awe, as well as “WA” and wonder!

About the Author

Jeff Manning has been living and working as a narrator and voice-over artist in Japan for nearly 40 years. His credits include TV and radio, video games, commercials, animations, documentaries, educational materials and translation.