Jon and Anna

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By Anita Venturi

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 78

The story of Jon and Anna is a love story set in real time?an endless dialogue with the computer without seeing each other (Apple computer).

They are two real people. They meet in New York on New Year?s Day the next day. And then they have to leave the hotel where they met for work, but they are in love with each other. She is a businesswoman?beautiful and sexy?and was modeling in Manhattan at that time and was an entrepreneur. He is a businessman?a great man with beautiful blue eyes and so sexy too. He is the best investor in the world. And he is a marine. He had an education in the Marine Corps.

They only have a laptop to communicate and a great pain.

The novel is all a dialogue on computer between the two protagonists. Anna is an Italian, and he is an American. Finally, she manages to reach her boyfriend, Jon. She believes he is her present and future. He calls her ?my wife.? He loves her. He wants her to communicate around the world. They do not see each other often, until they meet again at Jon?s house on the island of Boracay.

About the Author

I was considered the most beautiful girl in Italy. I have two parents who are celebrities, and I am a celebrity too. I am the daughter of Dolce Vita. I started modeling Lolita at the age of twelve with my high heels. When my father left me, he died prematurely. He has left me very rich. My mother?I never saw my mother. She was never there. She left me with four bodyguards, the nanny and a roommate, and an aunt. She was an actress. I was a victim of havoc. I had a fabulous life, and I did not marry an Italian prince ?un conte? because he killed a pig with a knife (an Italian tradition), and I broke the engagement. I had a fabulous life.

I am a modern woman.