Keys to the Kingdom Revealed

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By Richard Dunlap

About the Book

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This book is about keys to the kingdom that were revealed to me by the Holy Spirit from prophetic dreams and supernatural visions over the past twenty years. These keys include the keys for being filled with the Spirit to bring healing to the body and for deliverance of evil spirits, the keys to spiritual warfare and how to be protected from these evil spirits, the keys to generational curses and the prayer to remove these curses, the keys to the revival of the Christian church and how to maintain revival, and the key to releasing the Holy Spirit’s presence in your church service. This book contains revelations from the Holy Spirit in these days for all Christians who want to minister in kingdom power for the healing and deliverance of evil spirits.

About the Author

Richard Dunlap is the third child of Orval and Marian Dunlap and grew up in southwest Portland. After high school, he graduated from college in 1967 in highway engineering technology and then married Beverly Losinger that same year. They have three children and five wonderful grandchildren. Over the next forty-five years, he was employed with several insurance companies as their director of loss control.

Richard was attending a revival on August 23, 1997, when he experienced a number of supernatural experiences. The first was a vision of a cloud that filled the sanctuary and surrounded him for several minutes. That same evening, Richard went forward for prayer and asked for forgiveness for being a lukewarm Christian and experienced this filling of the Spirit. Later that evening, a lady then came up to Richard and said,“The Holy Spirit has asked me to pray for you as He said that you have bone cancer, and He wants you to live.” As he sat in a chair, this lady said a prayer as she held his arm that had bone cancer. The prayer she said was this: “Take this man’s arm to heaven and bring it back healed in Jesus’s name.” The moment she said in Jesus’s name, he saw his arm leave his body, and he woke up about twenty minutes later with no more pain and no more bone cancer in his arm. Since then, he has been on a journey experiencing these prophetic dreams, visions, and testimonies that he recorded over the next twenty years, which make up this book.