King Arthur’s Ghost

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By Kamalesh Sharda

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 432

John Lancaster, a Knight of The Round Table, was a confidant of King Arthur who had gifted him The Sword Excalibur to recognize his loyalty and contribution to numerous campaigns. The creed of patriotism was passed on through the two thousand years to John's descendants. The dream to make England great again was kept alive to the Modern Times. This family believed that The Crown was unfairly taken by force away from their ancestors and the seat of power was deceptively moved to London from The City of York. Lord Headingly, descendant of John Lancaster, felt that the conditions were ripe to restore the power back to The City of York.
The two thousand year old under ground movement resurfaces financed by Headingly's business empire. A new political party, The Celtic Party, is launched. Frustrated citizens looking for a change bring The Celtic Party to power. The popular momentum carries forth to the formation of a new union of nations, Celtica. The winds of change blow over to other countries resulting in a New World Order.

About the Author

Kam Sharda is an avid reader and a History buff. He scored a First Class Distinction in History in his secondary school. Kam graduated in Engineering from The University of Bradford in the United Kingdom. He frequently travelled to the remote corners of UK and conversed with the locals about their viewpoints about politics, social matters and regional History. What excited him the most was the pride of many in the ancestry and the loyalty to the different historical characters of their past. He noticed masses in despair with high unemployment and waves of immigration from former colonies and lately from Europe.  Successive post war Governments had failed to revive the industrial might which the country enjoyed for so long. People were looking for real economic and political change. Reading between the thought processes of the people he could not but wonder if the English History had taken a different turn. The novel King Arthur's Ghost narrates such a story.