Louie Blue and the Rainbow That Almost Wasn’t

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By Lauren Siconolfi

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x8.5 26

Louie Blue lives in Blueville and attends the Rainbow Academy for Blues, where he’s learning how to be part of a rainbow. When he graduates, he’ll take his place in the sky—and meet many other colors.

One day, some of his classmates start making negative comments about other colors. Louie hears that the reds are always mean and angry, the greens are jealous, and the violets think they’re better than everyone else. He begins to imagine an orange calling him names, a yellow not pitching in and helping out, and an indigo bossing him around. Now Louie is having second thoughts. Does he really want to become part of a rainbow, or would it be better to just stick with his own kind? Soon Louie learns an important lesson about working and getting along with people who aren’t like him.

In this children’s tale, Louie Blue discovers the importance and beauty of diversity and teamwork when he graduates from the Rainbow Academy.

About the Author

Lauren Siconolfi is a first-grade teacher in New Jersey. Louie Blue and the Rainbow That Almost Wasn’t is her first children’s book. When she isn’t teaching, she spends her time having fun with her three loves: Scott, Anthony, and Christian.