Messages from God

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By John Kaufman

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 134

Standing in the presence of death, I was witnessing my best friend’s passing. In those brief moments, what I saw and what he said to me forever changed my life.

My soul was so radically impacted, I was left to ponder why God had chosen me to tell “The Benny Story.” A story that will change your life forever, as it has mine.

About the Author

I was born into a family of dairy farmers. I was living in a world, not of my making. Trapped in place, I could never escape. So many times, I prayed for God to answer my cries of oh lord, why me? Years of living in a cruel, mean, and hateful place had left me mentally ill and suicidal. Then after a lifetime of searching for God's reason for this life of hell on earth, I began to receive subliminal messages. Messages that changed my life forever.
The day I stood before death, witnessed a soul speaking to me above his dead body, what I saw and what he said will leave you like me, believing in God and the eternal soul in us all.