Midlife Moon

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By Sameer Zahr

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 224

Burdened with an ugly divorce and midlife crisis, Freddie escaped to find his happiness outside his inner self and got caught with unexpected consequences that led him to live in the dark. He had a mistress that caused him many headaches that pushed him into legal pursuits. He went on a soul-searching journey seeking help from his only best friend, Barry, and other spiritual groups. Then he met Anne, a young women who coached him on the right path with her advice as a psychoanalyst. He eventually fell in love with her and ended up establishing an organization based on moral values and guidance to young women. The new relationship and his inner guidance turned Freddie into an enlightened man living in the light.

About the Author

Sameer Zahr is a retired businessman living in Florida and dedicated to write books with a good message to his readers. Writing has been his dream since childhood. Now he's taking advantage of his vast and intensive career that introduced him to many  cultures and gave him a unique experience that helped him to understand human life in greater depth. This book is one of eight other novels he wrote.