Old Ways, New Hope

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By Charles Wing

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 452

This is the story of a freelance translator who is invited on an archaeological search because of a strange language. His travels take him around the world, and he becomes the leader in the search after the death of a close friend. He falls into the greatest discovery of mankind that leads him toward the origins of man and a great many inventions. How he deals with the discovery will lead him into outer space and the old ones. Then he has many choices with what to do to change the world.

About the Author

Although I have spent most of my life in the nursing field, it gave me an insight into how people react to situations that had been thrust on them. But my greatest influence came when I spent a great number of years in Ontario, Canada, and became involved with the Celtic culture. I took up learning to play the bagpipes and studied the myths and legends of that culture. The music was my greatest inspiration, whether it was Irish, Scottish, or Welsh, and it allowed me to use my imagination to see things of long ago. Some were real and others just fantasy. I have tried to combine life experiences with those fantasies and tell a story as real as I could. Therefore, my saying "Believe and it becomes real" has become my hallmark for writing.