Optimum Society

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About the Book

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The book discusses the advantages and disadvantages of two types of socio-economic systems: free market economies with minimal intervention by the state and economies with substantial intervention by the state in the economy. Particular cases are discussed in some detail: the USA, the ex-Soviet Union, China, former Yugoslavia and Vietnam. The book describes desirable features that an optimum society should have, discusses how change may be realized and reflects on the chances that such change to an optimum society might take place.

About the Author

Anwar El-Tawil obtained a Bachelor degree in egineering at Cairo University, Egypt, then travelled to Moscow to study for a Ph.D. degree. After working in Egypt as Director at the standards organization of that country, he became the Director of the Developing Country Program at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Geneva, Switzerland. His work at ISO took him to developed and developing countries to sollicit technical assistance from developed countries for developing ones and oversee its implementation. His interest in the countries he worked in and his good knowledge of languages (Anwar fluently speaks 6 languages) allowed him to observe the social and economic life in the countries he was dealing with and to compare different socio-economic systems.
Anwar El-Tawil is also the author of the popular book “Standards and Quality.”