Out of Devil's Hollow

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By C.S. Whitman

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 294

Suzy Jennings is nine years old. The year is 1957. While playing
in a dry creek bed on the back acres of her parents farm, she
overhears an argument between two men. Frightened she keeps
this knowledge to herself with deadly circumstances.
Clyde and Lorna Jennings has a secret. A secret that they have
protected for twenty-five years. When their way of life and
family is threatened by exposer Clyde swears he will do anything
to protect his family. But murder? When events take a turn.
Inhabitants of the hollow take care of their own.

About the Author

Ms. Connie Whitman writes under the Pen name: C.S. Whitman Out of Devil's Hollow is her first fictional novel of suspense. Born under similar circumstances as her characters she has a firsthand understanding of people who live a hard scrabble life in the hills and hollows that surround a small rural town. Ms. Whitman attended Indiana University SE where she studied Creative Writing and English Literature. She is best known for her short stories and poems. She began work on Out of Devil's Hollow in 2017 and is currently working on her second book, Slices of Life. Ms. Whitman resides in Indiana near her two children and five grandchildren.