Paranormal Universe 9

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By Muskan Aggarwal

About the Book

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Softcover 5x8 68

Paranormal Universe 9 is a classification of all paranormal events happening in the society. Paranormal universe is divided into nine parts, and these nine parts are different from one another. This book contains about parallel world, time travel, aliens, supernatural stuff, mystery of the universe, all unsolved mysteries of books or paintings, and explanations of the human brain. Astrophysics, metaphysics, astronomy, and parapsychology are also part of this book. This book also contains real-life stories of all paranormal events happening and shows all unsolved mysteries of our world.

About the Author

Muskan Aggarwal is a student who is doing graduation and having great interested in metaphysics, parapsychology, astronomy, astrophysics and related to all unsolved events. living a simple life in India and love to write.