Phoebe Bee

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By Arlene Rita Borromeo

About the Book

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We have all heard the expression taking time to "stop and smell the roses." For one curious little bee, this phrase translates into taking as much time as possible to stop to smell all of the fl owers in the garden.

Through the author's enchanting illustrations, "Phoebe Bee" brings us into the summer world of the gray house garden, where some bees take their job more seriously than others.

In this special garden, Phoebe Bee learns about the power of kindness, tolerance, and the importance of being yourself.

About the Author

At the time Arlene Rita Borromeo received her BFA in illustration from Massachusetts College of Art, she had no aspirations other than to illustrate someone else’s manuscript some day.
In 1997, while working as an adjunct professor, she caught the attention of a local chapter of the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network. They asked her to manage a television segment featuring artistically gifted children for a CBS affiliate station.
She agreed, and between CBS and NBC, she coordinated the segment for seven years.
“That segment changed my life. I got an MA in broadcast journalism from Emerson College and began writing . . . and illustrating again.”
It is now her mission to create children’s books that her grandchildren can share with their children.
“I believe each of us has a gift, and it’s our responsibility to use it to bless others, to pay it forward.”
With eleven additional book projects on the drawing board, this might just happen.