Poetically Speaking

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By Thelma Cunningham

About the Book

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This book reflects the various styles of poetry?like prose, metaphor, simile, etc.?with one fairy tale (Lisa?s Unforgettable Stories: First Mommy Series), seven stories in all, and twelve short stories to follow. One book was written in memory of Mom. This book of poetry is the fifth. There are 355 brand-new poems and also about seventy brand-new written songs. Again, there are some R&B, but most are gospel.

All books, poems, songs, and stories written were inspired by God. I give God the glory for the inspiration to write them, the talent to do so and to edit them, and the blessing to be able to have them published. It was very hard work, but Jesus is my coauthor, and he only brought and saw me through. I must give him the praise and honor for blessing me abundantly with much favor and encouraging me to finish each project that he gave the inspiration for.

About the Author

Thelma Cunningham was educated in the Baltimore City Public Schools where she graduated from Mary E. Rodmand Elementary and Gwynn Falls Park Junior High School. She graduated from Edmondson Senior High School in the year of 1977 and went to the Community College of Baltimore later in life and graduated from there in 1992 with an A.A. Degree. She received various scholarships from Community College of Baltimore. She completed her B.S. Degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education in 1998 at Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland. She belonged to various Honor Societies while attending Coppin State. She is currently married to John Cunningham who is also a graduate of Coppin State. Going on 12 years of marriage since graduation.

Thelma Cunningham is currently a member of the Maryland Writer?s Association, ?Standford Who's Who? 2010-2012 . The author has written 4 poetry books. 1st book "Wow Now That's Poetry, Read Me More," 81 poems. 2nd "Say It With Poetry" Trumpet Poetry? 114 new poems. 3rd Book "Majestic Poetry" Eloquent Poetry" 136 brand new poems. 4th published " Reflective Poetic Styles Of Poetry?, 146 brand new poems. This books reflects the various styles of poetry like Prose, Metaphor, Simile, etc. 1 Fairy Tale-"Lisa's Unforgettable Stories.-First Mommy Series-7 Stories in all with 12 short stories to follow. 1 book written in memory of mom.