Portal 106

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By georgina fatseas

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 408

The galaxies of Oberon and Amada have been at peace for over a thousand years, but now their civilization has come under threat by an aggressive race of humanoid lizards, the Lacertians. The people of Oberon and Amada look to Prince Alcyn, a figurehead leader who is more interested in research into the use of neutrino travel technology than the complexities of politics to save the two galaxies.

Jed Lawson owns a horse stud in South East Queensland, Australia. He is accidently sucked up through Alcyn's neutrino viewer in portal 106. Alcyn appeals to Jed and, ultimately, to Earth to assist him to save the people of the two galaxies who have lost their ability to fight.

Realizing the two galaxies can never win against their enemies, the planets begin mass evacuations. Alcyn carries the burden of the beginnings of the war into space by attacking mother ships, and as a result, the Lacertians place a bounty on his head. Not all the readers? questions will be answered in this book. Some are answered in the sequel the Pleiadean Experiment.