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By Joan Green

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 128

This book “resilience’ came to fruition after a statement was made by a member of a group “We Didn’t Believe You.” This has been a catalyst for Joan to write her memoirs. If Joan wasn’t believed as an adult; the question was asked how would a child be heard. Joan’s early memories are of happy times with family and the traditions that were created. I remember having a strong foundation of a love for the Lord. Joan knew that Jesus loved her for the Bible told her so. As a child Joan was sexually abused while sleeping in her own bed. Joan should have been safe. Joan didn’t have the words and did not tell anyone. It took fifty four years before Joan felt strong enough to report this crime to the police. Joan’s faith has been an integral part of her journey. There are many blessings that come from adversity. Through each crisis with help from others Joan has learned that there is hope for the future

About the Author

In the book “Resilience” Joan Green shares her life as a little girl growing up in a loving family. However, Joan felt she couldn’t tell anyone when sexual abuse happened. Joan learnt survival instincts and the narrative takes her on a journey to get to where she had a voice that was heard. The comment “I didn’t know what to do” after Joan’s husband died by suicide was the catalyst for her writing a thesis on ‘Bridging the Gap between Families in Crisis and the Church and Community. Encouraged by being told many times that you need to write your story Joan’s faith has been a major part of her spirituality, hope, and search for meaning.