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By Lola Nad

About the Book

Format Dimensions Pages
Softcover 5.5x8.5 524

After leaving Japan, Keiko's life turned peaceful. But you don't just leave the underworld behind.
With a dark threat looming over the Ryū-jin, Keiko knows she has to help even if it means working alongside her ex, Aaron Hanabusa.
Thrown back into the danger and thrill of the underworld, the dancer will have to toughen up even more to save the family.

About the Author

Lola Nad splits her time between her studies and her writing. More often than not, both are interrupted by her cats? need for attention. She reads a lot to escape the world and writes just as much to create her own. Lola aims to inform you about topics that she holds to heart, just as much as she wishes to provide you with an escape from reality.