Scaredy the Scarecrow

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By Michael Stuart

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x11 90

This book was written to help children read and enjoy the subject of a scarecrow having adventures around his farm. Scaredy has a few friends in the animals on the farm with a lovely friendly farmer and his wife. As you will see Scaredy gets about helping others in their daily lives. Having fun and trying to solve a few problems on the way. Scaredy is a character of good intentions and always works hard.

This book contains fifteen stories that will bring joy, laughter, thrills, and entertainment for children.

I hope you'll enjoy reading them

About the Author

My name is Michael Stuart, I'm 70 years young and this is my very first book. I started to write my book 20years ago when my daughter was 9years old. She was always an avid reader but had come to a stop so I wrote about Scaredy to get her reading again. It worked and she became a teacher of English lit. 20years later Sarah asked me if I had any others written. No! But  started to write again. I now have this book of twenty stories and thinking of writing more. Please enjoy this book.