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By The Rev. Dr. Gary Nicolosi

About the Book

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Softcover 6x9 382

Preaching Jesus has been Gary Nicolosi's life passion. In SoulFire he spotlights today's secular, postmodern culture and unleashes a ground-breaking primer on preaching. He maintains that preaching is a calling, but also a skill to be learned and nurtured. Synthesizing a lifetime of experience, he shares his method of preaching and provides sermons organized around four critical areas: exploring faith, the spiritual journey, contemporary issues and church life.

SoulFire is more than a book on preaching. The sermons are for any Christians that seek to understand and communicate Christian faith in a way that touches hearts, engages minds and transforms lives in Jesus. Seekers and skeptics also will benefit from this book as they come to explore Christianity in a thoughtful, honest but heartfelt way.

SoulFire is a timely resource that will assist clergy, church members and people outside the church to find their way as followers of Jesus in these difficult times. Get ready to get real. Get ready to be challenged. Get ready to share the good news of Jesus in new ways. Get ready to re-imagine the church as a movement and not an institution. This is no time to play it safe. Our rapidly changing world is much too chaotic a place for Christians to give trite answers to tough issues. Jesus wants Christians whose souls are on fire to set the world on fire, and in the power of his redeeming love, we can!

About the Author

Dr. Gary Nicolosi is an Episcopal priest and lawyer who has served in churches and on diocesan staff in the United States and Canada. He has written hundreds of articles and led seminars and workshops on church vitality across North America. His sermons are widely distributed through his free member subscription list. Gary is passionate about transforming lives in Jesus and forging a way forward for the church in a secular, postmodern world.