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By Prue McDonell

About the Book

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Softcover 8.5x11 50

The story of Stargazer is a reflection of my own self-discovery through a life-time of experiences.  I explore my own personal growth through a young flower sprite called Star, who begins her life hidden within the darkness and silence of the earth.  The Spirit of Light summons Star who emerges into the Garden of Asha as a beautiful Stargazer Lily.  Here she gains insight into herself through her encounters with the whimsical creatures that already live in the garden such as Faer the Butterfly who teaches Star about the importance of having friends.

About the Author

Prudence Felicity McDonell comes from the small village of Robertson in the beautiful Southern Highlands in NSW, Australia. Her background is steeped in spirituality and she began writing children's books that reflected her inner growth, resulting in a collection of writings that explored themes such as who am I, what is my purpose.

Prue was also a teacher and her time spent with young children, influenced her to produce books that would encourage children to discover their own potential.

Nature is an intrinsic part of Prue's books. She uses it to enhance children's awareness of their environment and the importance of taking care of it.